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Photography Club Challenge

These monthly photo challenges are intended to encourage creativity, expand your photographic horizons and share your experiences with your peers. Topics will be chosen to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone. Anything goes as long as it represents your interpretation of the monthly theme.


Printed and / or digital images are welcome.  Digital images will be projected onto a screen.



The photo challenge rules:


Photo Size / Format: For printed images the minimum size is 8 x 10. Digital images should be in .jpg format.  Digital images will be projected.


If you bring digital images please bring on a memory stick. Have the images clearly labeled in a folder to make them easy to find. .jpg are preferred for PC users. Mac users please use .tif (.jpg is not always directly compatible).

Quantity: Maximum of 2 images per photographer - per challenge. 


Printed Presentation: Printed photo only is fine. Matting is welcome of course. Frames are welcome as well but there will not be a place to properly hang them.


Images can be from your photographic archive and do not have to be taken within the challenge month.  The images you present must be your own of course.


Manipulated images are welcome, but the original source material must be a photograph, or photographs, and made by you.


Printed captions are encouraged. In the caption include your name, describe your location, date and settings and anything special that you would like to include about the shot. This information helps other members learn from your experience.


Judging Categories:


1. Best Overall Photo

2. Most Unique Interpretation of the Theme


Everyone will be able to vote on their favorite images and the image with most votes wins the challenge. BTW, you must vote in order for your image to win the challenge, even if your image gets the most votes.


Winner of this challenge will get their image featured on the club website and Facebook page during the next month. The winner also gets bragging rights of course.


Go out there and start shooting!


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